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Monday, January 29, 2007

Contest Opportunity

Hey You, Yea You...How would you like to be a Guest Designer ??? I have a contest running on the Pub Calendar for our April Guest Designer. I would like to keep the contest competitive, so I am definitely looking for good entires. Here are the details:

Check it out and enter :-) You could be receiving a free April kit filled with new scrapbooking goodies :-)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I realized I hadn't posted any pics or LO's lately, so here goes :-) These are all from my first monthly kit: . This kit is great for cardmaking. My family expects handmade Valentine's from me each year and they won't be dissappointed this time. Each one will be individual this year, unlike in years past when I duplicated one design :-)

Friday, January 26, 2007

She enjoyed the quiet

This has been an uneventful week and I am okay with that. I exercised twice this week, lost a little weight, didn't pull my hair out at work, enjoyed my husband as usual and created two things this week. Quiet is sometimes okay :-)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

For those wondering... YES I have sold some kits :-) Feels good :-)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

She is OPEN to new possibilities

We are now open for business. I want to say thanks to all those who offered feedback that I think has helped me to make a quality club.

If you have checked out our site before, please check it again because changes have been made. If you haven't, please stop by :-)

1) The gallery is now open
2) Guest Designer LO's are up
3) The kit now includes two sheets of each colored cardstock
4) There has been a change in price
5) Other add ons have been included

We are also running a contest for a future guest designer, and a themed LO contest for goodies as well. All you need to do is submit what you have created using the kit to the gallery.

Easy as Pie

This month's kit is perfect for documenting the love in your life, be it for a person, an object, or a passion. The kit also works great for cardsmaking, which means you will have enough product to make all your Valentine's Day cards from the heart :-)

Thanks in advance for stopping by :-) :-) :-) Can you tell I am excited???

The Site:

Thursday, January 18, 2007

She finally did it, hopefully she will do it again

I did it... I excercised on the new elliptical machine today :-) I felt very good after I got off. I started off small (time wise) and hope to do it everyday or every other day. A friend joked that I could get a job at Hooters and wear the cute orange shots if I took advantage of the ski machine. At first I laughed it off, but considering the fact I am quitting my job this may just be a viable option
umm maybe not
I am having a great day for some unknown reason :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

She created and was content

I had a great creative day today. I completed two LO's for my next kit and one for my most recent kit. I read some good scrap magazines and generally had a great day. Thankful for days off, especially when they are on Monday. I feel really good about next months kit. I love it and the products in it.

Visited a new church on Sunday. It was a large chrch, but very nice and lively. It felt good to be back in church after being absent for so long. I don't know why not going to church becomes an easier habit than going. Rob and I are spirtual people and believers, so it should come easy for us. I guess being lazy requires less energy and dedication. But we are back on track and search ing for the right spot for us.

Rob and I spent the entire weekend watching footbal. What will we do when it is over in a couple of weeks? I must get a pic of us on the sofa munching on snacks all day long. It would make for a great LO.

Despiet the fact I was munching all weekend...I lost 1.5 pounds. Yea for me. This means I have lost 3.5 or so in the last two weeks. The ski machine comes on wednesday, so pray that I am diligent about using it. Being healthy is part of living a good life :-)

I pray that you have a blessed week and ask that you pray for my peace of mind and clarity of thought as I continue to make decisions about my career path.

Picture Time!!!

One is a pic of the two of us on New Years Eve, one is to show how cold it got this weekend, and the last is a pic I took so I could scrap about my faith.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

She decided to take a chance...

I have some big life changes on the horizon. Friday I decided that I would not be resigning the contract at my current job, which means that May will be my last month. Huge change. I have been praying for a while for an answer and the job was getting more stressful day by day and month by month. Friday, three events happened, which to me felt like a sign from above. I am so nervous though because I know that people see and hear signs when they want them. In fact that was the sermon at church today (along with being a true believer when there is nothing left and giving God the praise when he makes a way out of no way). However, I have always prayed hard and found that when God moved me to action ( I am very indecisive) that he had great things in store for me. I am putting my faith in him once again, he has never let me down. Now the question is, do I search for another job in my field or do I use my transferable skills and search for something new. Currently, this is what I am praying for. An answer as to the new direction my career and life should take.

Yes, I am starting the kit club ( ) but I am just starting it, so I am not sure about the returns, so I must find something else to supplement it. I want something creative, which is why I started the kit club. I want to create and surround myself with beauty, peace and enlightenment. I want to discover my creative spirit. Here's to hoping it pays well :-)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thank You

Today I just want to say Thank You to my husband. Thank you for being so accepting, so kind, so understanding. Thank You for being a true man by being a great provider. Thank You for allowing me to be content, when the other choice could be so much easier. Thank You for actually being all that you said you would be on our wedding day. Thank You. Enough said.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

She decided her outside should be just as gorgeous as her inside

Guess what Rob and I did. Yep, you got it. We bought an elliptical machine for the house. I know what you are thinking, hey Keianna, what about that 2 year gym membership you never used, which cost the family a small fortune. My response, this is different. This machine is in my house, so I can do it whenever I want. I don't have to drive anywhere and I can go straight from working out to the shower. I can do it in the morning at night, or after dinner. Rob can chat with me, I can watch tv or read a mag while on it. Plus, this ws really the only machine I liked at the gym besides the leg weights. I am fairly optimistic and we got it at a bargain. So there, next week I will be gliding toward better health.

On the note of being healthier... Rob and I went to Meal Makers again and bought two weeks worth of dinners. I absolutely love this place. I took pics of course and will post them later. Their food is good, quick, and healthy. Check them out. There are also places called Super Suppers, Lets do Dinner and My Girlfriends Kitchen. I can't vouch for them, but they are options.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

She dreamt a big dream and made it come true...

First off, I must say thanks to Heidi Swapp for turning me on to the SHE book. When I first got it, I thought umm, not a whole lot to it, just some phrases and quotes. Then I finally got it. It is about personal affirmation and realizing our potential as women. It is about celebrating you.

The main reason I haven't been blogging lately is because I have been working so hard to put the final touches on my website for my new business venture. Yep people, I am a business woman. The site went live on Wednesday night. Oh my goodness. I am so excited and scared and nervous and did I mention scared and oh yeah RELIEVED. There was something very freeing about making it public. I did my best and now it is out there. I can't do anything else but pray that my hardwork pays off. And that's the freeing part. I did all the planning and now it is in God's hands. If it is meant for me, it will be successful. If it is not meant, then God will show me something new and lead the way. I must admit that I am biased and hoping it is meant to be :-) The kit will also be advertised in the next issue of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. I figured that's how I stumbled upon the sites I joined, so here's to hoping it proves successful for my business as well. Anyhoo, check out the site and send me an e-mail to let me know what you think. My business e-mail is listed on the About Us page :-)

Christmas Recap

Who's a bad blogger??? ME ME ME
Where to start lets see. Christmas was great. Drove 10 hours to LA to visit my hubbies family. We had a great time. The food was good and the fellowship was even better. We went to his brother in laws church and had an enjoyable time. Their church is all about God and not about rituals, traditions and putting on airs. It was praise in its best form. They cooked so much food it was unbelievable. All tasty. Rob's mom made church punch, which made me a little sad because it reminded me of my granny that past away about two years ago. We always had church punch at church functions, which I went to with her. Good memory that I plan to scrapbook. Got some cool gifts there as well. Rob and I decided not to exchange gifts this year. Not because of financial reasons, but because we didn't need to. neither of us needed anything (thanks be to God), and neither of us wanted anything we hadn't already bought (thanks to God again). So we decided it wasn't necessary. That's my Christmas wrap up. Stay tuned.