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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Absent but not Lazy :-)

Geez, where have I been. Well my life is going along as usual. I guess I just haven't been blogging, but I have been creative. I have even tried out some new art. I decided the other day that i would like to learn jewelry making, so i went to Michaels with a gift card and bought a book and a starter kit. It is much easier than I thought. I am very proud of my first creations. They only took me a couple of hours. I was so excited that I went to Michaels the very next day and bought some more items, so I could try something a little more complicated. I am sad to report that this new hobby is as expensive as scrapbooking :-) (CLICK ON THE PIC FOR A CLOSE-UP)

I also decided to try my hand at some canvas art. I took the one word for the year idea from Ali Edwards. Mine this year is CELEBRATE LIFE. I journaled on the photo what that meant to me. This is not the best pic, but it is what I have taken so far. It was a lot of fun playing with the paint and a lot more intimadating than a 12x12 page. I have another blank canvas and I am toying around with what to do with it. (CLICK ON THE PIC FOR A CLOSE-UP)

I have also been busy scrapbooking as well. It was the first time in months. Decided do do some angles, which I never do. I like things in balance. One is a pic from new years and the other is a collage of photos from like the last three years of me and Rob.