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Friday, October 19, 2007

Color Your Memories
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Color Your Memories Announces

I have been putting this newsletter off for a very long time now. So here goes.....Color Your Memories will not be producing kits for the remainder of this year. I have two good reasons, so no need to be sad. One, I have been considering a new creative avenue and I need some time to focus on the logistics and planning process. I am very single minded during the planning process and I don't want customer service for the kit club to suffer. Two, I am in the process of selling our home and the realtor doesn't belive that a craft storage room in one of the main bedrooms is a design to sell feature :-) Plus, I have had to pack up my scrap room, which means that scrapbooking has been an after thought.
Good News For You

So to clear my mind and our house, the kit club is having a major sale. Normally our kits have $21-23 worth of retail product. Each kit will be priced at $10 and all embellishments are either below retail or at wholesale pricing. Shipping is $5 per box, all sales are final, and all kits will be shipped out witihin a week. Good customer service is still important to us at Color Your Memories.

A big special THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased one of our kits, offered verbal support, and another thank you to everyone who shared their art in our galleries.

I am saying goodbye, but it not goodbye forever :-)

Happy Crafting,

Keianna :-)

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