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Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year, New Retrospection

The approach of a new year always makes me retrospective. I guess that doesn't make me special, deep, or different from the other millions out there right? Each year I make resolutions and each year I forget them early on. I guess I know when to cut my losses. This year I want it to be different. This year the things I want to work on have been brewing in my mind for a while. I am not quite sure how to document them. I don't want to post them so the whole world can see my failure if I don't reach my goals and I haven't scrapped or created since September, so that process seems daunting as well. Not really sure what to do, but I am convinced they need to be in my face as a constant reminder. Oh well here goes. Win or lose these are my areas of interest in no particular order:

Health (not about being skinny, but that isn't bad either. I have already joined Curves and have been consistently going, now if I could continue to do that and be better about what I put into my body I would be on a roll)

Happiness (I am not unhappy, but I want that Stacy Julian kind of happy that looks like it glows from within and brightens all those around)

Job Satisfaction (I am good at my job, dedicated and consistent in my work, but not enthusiastic or joyful. I want to be passionate and not just efficient)

Financial Security (yes we make over 6 figures, no we don't have kids, or credit cards, or live beyond our means, but I still believe Dave Ramsey when he says being content isn't the same as truly being finanically free. Read the Total Money makeover)

I want to truly SEE (I want to look at life and live life and love life with an artists' eyes, hands and emotions. I want to live and love more authenticly and passionately. I think my husband deserves that, he is a pretty good guy)

Spirituality (I know God, love God and believe in God and yet I feel like I have only scratched the surface of who he wants to be. A better reationship and deeper knowing is what I have been craving lately. We have been going to church regularly again, we are going back to tithing with the new year and I really do feel like I am on the right path)

***who knows... maybe working out the very last thing on my list will have a dominoe effect on the other items on the list as well. so here is my list, pretty deep, pretty honest, pretty intimidating and yet it is a clear picture of who I am today and what I feel I need to be the me I should be tomorrow

***thanks to this blogger today whose honest journaling encouraged me to be honest today as well: Raquita

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My 1st Storyboard

So excited to share what I just learned to create. I am going to spend the new year relearning my camera and adobe program and practicing to see with a creative eye. Now if I could just remember to post :-) The first one is the basic attempt. The second one is me learning to use actions and special effects. What I love most about this hobby is the ability to branch out and grow in different areas. Scrapbooking=Photography=Digital Art= A Happy and Creative ME :-)
***Click the link if you want to see them bigger.