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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 16 Photo A Day (My Fave Pastime)

I have always enjoyed reading. Something about a book being able to transport you to a new time or place. This summer after I quit my job and was struggling to find a new one or to find my life calling, I went through a very intense period of sadness. I was not used to feeling inadequate, unproductive, or dare I even say unwanted. To escape from myself I did a lot of reading. I read the entire Stephanie Plum series (10+ books) the entire Alex Cross series (12+ books) an entire historical series (which I turned my sister on to) all of Sherlock Holmes short stories, The Pillars of the Earth (1000+ pages) and a sprinkling of other books. I needed the release :-) very bad I guess, based on how many books I read :-) Even chuckling about it today is a bit bitter sweet. This book I was reading for my book club (How To Make An American Quilt). It was a good story and a bit different than the movie with Winonna Ryder if you have seen it.

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