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Monday, August 06, 2007


Geez, where have I been. I guess this counts as an update post :-)

Home Front: Rob and I decided to get the new house. The builders decided to give in and give us the 6 months no mortgage payment deal in addition to the steep discounted price of the new home. Total blessing b/c we went back and forth on this for over a week. So we will put our house on the market Wednesday. We have been cleaning, decluttering and organizing. Exciting time. And yes, the pics I put in previous posts are artist drawings of our home and the one we are getting.

Job Front: School starts this week for teachers and I am so not ready to go back :-(

Cheerleader Front: Competetion was last week. We didn't place, but the girls did their personal best. I was proud of them and cried when it was over.

Health Front: I go for my final surgery on Wednesday. Kinda nervous and kinda greatful because it could have been more serious. And really angry that I have had the stomach flu for two days.

Friend Front: My firend got married last week and it was really nice. New love is so inspiring. I wish them the best as they embark on this new journey together. I was also super jealous that they honeymooned in my fave locale. Jamaica. Oh what I would have given to have some rum punch, jerk chicken, and cool ocean breeze. I think I must go back before the end of the year.

Kit Front: New kits are up on the site. I love these kits. They were super fun to scrap with and very versatile. You can't buy the 7 Gypsies paper at most retailers.

Okay that is it for me. My life this past week and a half :-)


Adrienne said...

Ill have to go check out your new kit! CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE!!! That is so awesome!!!

stephanie aka scrapandthecity said...

good for you! that house was stunnning! goos luck with the sale.
off to check out your new kits. and did you finish the harry potter book? it was so good.


Trina said...

Congrats on your new home!

Kim said...

Hope things are ok with you. Have "heard" from you in a while.