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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Show and Tell

I just wanted to share something else I created using one of the kits from March. Click the pic to be able to read the journaling. I am really excited to post the new kits and to move forward with the new format. It's not easy being patient and waiting until the 28th :-) I got two of the new Prima lines delivered yesterday. The colors are gorgeous. The computer screen can't do them justice. Even my husband said, "oh those are nice, great pick." :-) It has the husband seal of approval. Look for these Prima lines in April's kit.

In other news, I am totally stressed at work, but it is totally my fault. I got behind and now my sense of right and wrong is kicking my butt and weighing me down. Darn SpongeBob for making me feel this way :-) Although I did enjoy the three new episodes :-)


Kim said...

Love the layout. I can't wait for the new kits to go up. I need my fix. I love the new Prima stuff.

Karen said...

What a beautiful layout!!! Love the blue flower!! Can't wait to see the new kits.